Hi there, my names Reme Le Hane and I am a front-end Web Developer with many of years of experience with development, primary with CMS’s such as Joomla and WordPress. I like to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques such as HTML5 and CSS3. My expertise also include experience with Javascript, Flash, Facebook App Development and Website SEO.

I am currently employed as a front-end web developer with Electric Heart, a Graphics and Web Design company based in Somerset West since June 2011. My responsibilities include CMS Management; Website Maintenance, SEO and Security; Website and Newsletter Development; Project Research; Flash Publications and Facebook App Development.

My growing list of skills currently includes HTML and HTML5, CSS and CSS3, Joomla, WordPress, Ecommerce, Mailchimp, Facebook Apps, Social Media Marketing, Fireworks, Flash, Edge Animate, Dreamweaver, Flipviewer.

I am available for freelance short term work, if you have any queries or would like more information, please Contact Me.


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