Running for a cause: Mid Year Trail Run @ Muratie

It was a very cold start to a pretty great run this morning, gloves, sleeves and rite until the gun, even the breaker.
A nice big crowd getting ready for the 12km, getting ready to enjoy some spectacular views. The sun was just starting to warm things up a bit, but that was short lived, as after 2 quick corners we were back int he shade of the mountain and climbing away. Would be a good 3 or 4km before we found some sun again.
Felt a bit tougher than it was at the start, felt almost like I was pushing too hard at the beginning, maybe it was the cold, maybe I just rested way too much this week :D.
But near the 7km mark, after a 20 second walk break and a 6 word pep talk off I went, and I was pretty impressed with my time, so maybe the pushing was all in my head, but I can see the training is definitely paying off, and back into full swing the coming week.
Running for the animalsMid Year Trail Run @Muratie – Reme Le Hane’s 11.8 km run
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via Reme Le Hane


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