Hi, Thanks for the feedback,

Hi, Thanks for the feedback,
I have not looked into state management for Aurelia, but you could always use redux itself.
I am busy looking into vuejs myself now, and I have found that it seems to have a larger community, more fleshed out components and overall feels more mature, as easy as Aurelia was, Vue was almost easier and I think that would have a lot to do with the documentation, Aurelia is very simple and singular focused, they provide the basic example of how to use a feature where Vue covers various use cases.
React an Angular in particular get most of thier community from brand associations, Facebook and Google offer a false sense of security, Les experienced Dev and corporate types who nothing about Dev feel more comfortable with something they believe will not one suddenly loose support as can happen with your smaller more community created frameworks.
The rest of us don’t care, we technically adept enough to deal with the dirt that may exist in the new and shiny toy, and Google has proven that it is happy to ditch a product and is also happy to screw it up entirely. For me personally, Angular 2’s disaster is what created my interest in everything else, Angular 1 was great, 2 seemed like the logical next step, until the infinite level of stupidity that encapsulated that thing made it unusable, especially with the dozens of better, smarter option out there like React, Vue and Aurelia.

via Reme Le Hane


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