Google AMP: What Does It Mean for Your Mobile SEO?

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Despite rapidly expanding access to mobile internet (68% of US adults use a smartphone to access the Internet), the concept of mobile SEO has remained relatively traditional.
It focuses on building site visibility through improved search ranking. On the surface this makes obvious sense: SEO does stand for “search engine optimization” after all. If you dig a little deeper, however, you learn that it’s time to start focusing on your mobile user experience to improve your site’s mobile friendliness, and letting that drive improvements in your search results rankings.
In an effort to make the mobile web more mobile-friendly, Google, along with platforms, publishers and content creators, developed the (AMP) project. AMP is an open source spec initiative designed to create websites that load quickly and provide an enhanced on page experience for users.
What Is AMP?
There are three basic ingredients that make up an AMP page:
HTML: This is basically regular HTML except with a few custom tweaks and limitations. AMP HTML uses custom properties for resources such as images, videos and iframes and a restricted set of technical functions, defined by the open source AMP specs.
JavaScript: Probably the most effective part of AMP JS is that it makes all external resources load asynchronously. It also requires you to set sizes in the HTML, which means that the page layout is determined before elements are loaded. This means that elements won’t jump around the page as other resources load.
AMP Cache: Google’s AMP Cache is a separate cache used to store AMP pages to serve in search results. When pages stored in the cache are served to a user, everything comes from the same location, increasing efficiency.
All three of these elements work together to render pages seemingly instantly.
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