A Live Lesson in Diving into ES2015, with Darin Haener

SitePoint Premium’s first ever Live Lesson was held this month with Darin Haener, walking you through several sections of his Premium course, Diving into ES2015. Viewers were able to ask Darin questions while he went through parts of his own course, and provided the most accurate answers possible.
Hop over to the recorded Live Lesson with Darin Haener, if you haven’t seen it! In this post, we’ll highlight the main points that were made and questions that were answered during the Live Lesson.
These Live Lessons are new at SitePoint, and they are geared towards helping you to thoroughly understand the content in various parts of SitePoint Premium, and let you interact with other developers via the chat during the lesson, as well. They’re also an excellent preview of what SitePoint Premium’s courses are like, and the kind of information available in them. You can participate in this event and learn a lot, whether you have taken the course already or whether you’ve never even seen it. All are welcome!
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via Reme Le Hane


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