Using Social Media Influencers to Market Your Business

Social media is not the place for direct selling — people scroll down their Facebook and Instagram pages to see exciting new content, whether it’s for entertainment, educational or social purposes. Social media users want to see something they can talk about with their friends, and the basic purse that you’re looking to buy from Amazon isn’t exactly the most interesting news to share.
Despite that, social media can be of great help when marketing your company, whether somewhat directly when a company’s products are subtly embedded into how-to videos, or indirectly, when a company is simply seeking to build a certain image which would appeal to their target audience.
As we’ll see from the following examples, collaboration between companies and high-profile people on social media can happen in various forms, and successful social media campaigns work for very different reasons (and, in turn, achieve different results). Let’s take a look at a few successful cases.
1. Travel Ticker
A fairly new hotel booking service, Travel Ticker, has kicked off with a slightly controversial video, in which famous rooftoppers (@beerkus, @semenov_id, and @d4daev on Instagram ) climb the Eiffel Tower at night.
But they’re not taking the stairs — in the video, as soon as the climbers get the chance, they get off the tourist route and start making their way up through structural elements of the Tower. Combined with dramatic music, drone/first-person POV and excellent editing, this piece of content gives chills even for the viewers with strong nerves.

Why is it a good idea for Travel Ticker to sponsor a video like this? Isn’t it a bit out of touch for a company that wants to be taken seriously to position itself as supporting dangerous, extreme and (a little) immature actions?
One possibility could be that Travel Ticker never wanted to be taken seriously. The main mission of a hotel booking search engine is to offer the best hotel deals, which are on high demand among young people looking to travel on a tight budget. And while young travelers might not really care about how eco-friendly your company is or how much your company donated to a local charity, an exciting POV parkour video might just be the thing to catch their attention. And it was — 400,000 views on their debut Youtube video in less than a week, all on Travel Ticker’s Youtube channel.
By the way, the climbers in the video were wearing Travel Ticker t-shirts, too.
2. GoPro
Ever since their launch, GoPro have been an undisputed leader in the first-person POV camera market. They’re everywhere: amateur Youtube videos containing everything from sunny summer experiences to extreme biking films are countless.
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via Reme Le Hane


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