Integrating WordPress with the Internet of Things

After ecommerce and social media, the next big thing has arrived – internet-enabled devices or the Internet of Things – and WordPress is ready to embrace it with both arms.
This revolutionary paradigm shift is set to transform every aspect of our lives, from optimizing our homes to the way we travel. Though the Internet of Things has already made its way into home automation, it hasn’t quite taken off with WordPress integration.
The Internet of Things creates value from gathering data and leveraging it in real time. WordPress and the Internet of Things can work together in a sensor-to-machine relationship (where WordPress is the sensor) to increase productivity, make processes more efficient, and analyze data without employing additional, complex machinery. With this in mind, in this post, we’re going to look at the Internet of Things from a WordPress standpoint and how it will allow our websites to communicate with devices in order to make the Internet of Things WordPress-smart.
Let’s put everything into context before we get started.
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via Reme Le Hane


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