24 Useful WooCommerce Plugins to Add Functionality to Your Store

WooCommerce has fast established itself as the top eCommerce plugin for WordPress, with version 2 recently released there are now a huge number of themes and plugins that you can use with it to establish most kinds of online store. We have looked at WooCommerce themes in the past so we decided to take a look at what third party plugins are available to add functionality. The plugins are split up into the following groups :

  • Payment Gateways
  • Social Add-Ons
  • Display & Functionality
  • Shipping

WooCommerce Payment Gateways

Google Wallet Payment Gateway


Sign in once and shop all over at thousands of merchants across the web using your computer or phone. Just click to pay. Sign in to your account. And you’re good to go. No need to create multiple accounts or re-enter payment information every time you shop. We do not share the credit and debit cards you store online with any retailer, and all your purchases are backed by our fraud protection policy.

Info & Download | Price: $20

Paypal Advanced Payment Gateway


Keep customers on your site for the entire checkout process without the full burden of protecting their financial data. In a


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