Live Chat & Customer Support Solutions for WordPress: Free & Premium Plugins & Services

It is well known that for any business to thrive what matters most is their product and customer relationship. People tend to opt for the company with a better reputation. And how are reputations built? Well, Steve Jobs could answer that best. But in my understanding, its done by two main things – (1) a great product and (2) an equally great (if not better) support. Support is available in many forms – phones, help tickets, email and online live chat.

Here’s a couple of reasons why online chat is great and why you should have one in your business:

  • Online chat is relatively less expensive compared to toll free phone chat.
  • If its not economic for your business to offer toll free phone chat, there’s a good chance people would prefer a free method to reach you – that’s via email and online chat.
  • Live chat is more of a realtime solution. People love it. If someone has a problem/query, they can reach help within seconds.
  • Having a live chat support in your website not only increases the average time of a visitor on your site trust, but it also helps build better relationships.

This article features some of the best premium and free WordPress Live Chat/Support plugins for you online business.



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