The power of VS Code

I want to start with a couple of questions…
Are you using VS Code editor? Are you writting come articles to Or are you documention your work/code with Markdown?
I assume that you will answer yes to all of my questions above. But…

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How Would You Solve This Rendering Puzzle In React?

Welcome, React aficionados and amateurs like myself! I have a puzzle for you today.
Let’s say that you wanted to render out a list of items in a 2 column structure. Each of these items is a separate component. For example, say we had a list of albums and we wanted to render them a full page 2 column list. Each “Album” is a React component.
Scroll rendering problem
Now assume the CSS framework that you are using requires you …
How Would You Solve This Rendering Puzzle In React? is a post from CSS-Tricks

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