Dropcap.js: Easily add drop caps to your web typography

Dropcap.js makes it simple to add drop caps to your online typography, like many print designs. You can specify different fonts for the dropcap and paragraph type, as well as baseline position and height.

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41 WordPress and HTML5 Galleries, Templates and Plugins – up to 97% off!

NOW ON: 41 WordPress and HTML5 Galleries, Templates and Plugins – up to 97% off!Expires: November 1, 2014, 11:59 pm ESTWhether you need a full-on site redesign, a multimedia player or some powerful image galleries, this Mighty Deal from TheWebMaker.ne…

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Sponsor: Creative Market – October Big Bundle

It’s always great to have a personal collection of design resources you know that you can use for whatever you like at your fingertips. Vectors flourishes and illustrations, photos, textures, patterns, fonts, layouts, all that good stuff.
No better place to stock up than Creative Market. This week, they have put together a Big Bundle of their best products. From graphics and fonts to photos and Photoshop actions. For only $39, you can fill up your designer’s toolkit with 105 …
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How To Get Started in Web Design

Here’s an answer to how to get started building websites that I fully endorse and isn’t vague. This is going to cost a little money, just like learning to play the guitar requires buying a guitar and some accessories. This is also going to require a little time and mostly isn’t directly about the coding itself. It’s about getting you to a place where you’re doing web design for real and you can’t help but learn!
I’m going to …
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SVG Artboard Sizing

There are a couple of different (rational) approaches to SVG artboard sizing.
The term “Artboard” here is referring to that concept in Illustrator, basically the white drawing area you have for the document. Ultimately it refers to the viewBox in the actual SVG output. It matters very much for front end developers, because if there is no consistency, the positioning of the SVGs will always be a little one-off battle and really hurt the idea of SVG being a useful …
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Probably Don’t Base64 SVG

Perhaps you’ve heard of data URIs. It’s a really nice way of including a resource that would have otherwise been a separate HTTP request. The format that you use in a data URI can vary. Essentially you just tell it what content type it is (e.g. image/png), semicolon, then the data of that file.
<img src=’data: … ‘>
background: url(‘data: … ‘);

For a raster image like a PNG, the data of that image …
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Lobotomized Owls

I had a post in my drafts for CSS-Tricks recently I called “Removing the Space from the Bottom of Modules”. It’s all about that tricky situation where you want even padding all the way around some elements to visually separate them. But elements inside will also need bottom margins, and that might lead to extra space along the bottom where that margin hits the padding.
Apparently I’m getting old and losing my mind, because I’ve already written about it. …
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Sponsor: Hack Reactor’s Immersive Remote Beta Course

Hack Reactor’s Coding School is accepting applications for its next online immersive course, Remote Beta. Their team of exceptional instructors and staff work towards a two-fold mission of empowering people and transforming education through rapid-iteration teaching. Students build the skills and confidence they need to graduate as mid-to-senior level engineers and work for top tech companies in both backend and front end tasks.
Apply today for an upcoming onsite or online cohort and be on your way to becoming an …
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How SVG Shape Morphing Works

While animating SVG with CSS is easy and comfortable, CSS can’t animate all the SVG properties that are possible to animate. For instance, all the properties that define the actual shape of the elements aren’t possible to change or animate in CSS. You can animate them through SMIL though. Sara Soueidan covers this in her guide to SMIL here on CSS-Tricks, but I thought I would shine a light on this particular ability.
Most important fact: the shapes need to…
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Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 10/24/2014: 10,266 steps and 7.9 km traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user/2B2XGR


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